The Negative Effects Of Too Much Screen Time On Children
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The Negative Effects Of Too Much Screen Time On Children

There are so many negative effects of too much screen time on children. We can see it in all social media platforms nowadays. There were children reported hospitalized because of excessive use of cellphones. 

In this modern era, parents can hardly discipline their children in using gadgets because children have grown up with electronic devices in their fingertips. They can’t imagine a world without tablets, phones and the internet. When trying to confiscate those gadgets away from them they tend to show negative behaviors. However, the responsibility of parents is not to let our children use gadgets too much, manage and moderate their use.

We all know that it is harmful, so it is the parent’s responsibility to limit screen time for them, though digital devices offer endless hours of entertainment, educational content but still screen time is dangerous. Children’s brains are more sensitive to the effects of electronic devices since their brains are still developing.

In the end, the parents will still be the ones who will suffer if the children are not properly disciplined on their screen time.

A new study revealed that too much screen time could cause mental health problems in children as young as two years old. Research from US universities found that an hour of screen time a day can make kids prone to anxiety and depression. They may experience less self control, emotional stability and inability to finish tasks and these are evident to kids nowadays.

BUT it is not only kids who are getting too much screen time. Many parents struggle to impose healthy limits on them since they also get too much on it themselves. Remember that parents are the role models of children.


More time on screen doesn’t mean using digital gadgets only but also watching TV. Research says that these are the negative effects;

  1. Sleep Problems. Although us parents use TV to unwind before going to bed, the light emitted from screens interferes with the sleep cycle in our brain thus causing insomnia. Now you know why you have insomnia.
  2. Behavior Problems. Excessive TV viewing is linked to bullying behavior. Children who watch TV or use gadgets more than two hours a day are more likely to have emotional, social and attention problems.
  3. Obesity. Children may become overweight when they only sit and not engage in any outdoor activities.
  4. Educational Problems.  When they have more screen time than studying they do worse in their academic testing.
  5.  Violence. Exposure to any violent shows, movies and music can cause children to become desensitized to it. Eventually they use violence to solve problems.

In order to avoid these negative effects, you need to establish a limitation of your children, you may consider these household rules.

  • Do not allow digital devices during family meals.
  • No use of gadgets in the car.
  • Do not allow screens in the bedroom.
  • No electronics used during family fun nights.
  • No gadgets during school days.
  • Give them household chores.

Knowing these negative effects of too much screen time on children, parents should be wary in order to protect their mental & physical health..

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