Important Reasons Why Kids Should Have Chores
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7 Important Reasons Why Kids Should Have Chores

Kids Chores, is it important? Yes. One of the 7 important reasons why kids should have chores is that it is the key for being responsible.

I have a kid and she is 7 years old. Sometimes I wonder if I should really give my kid a chore. Isn’t it my responsibility to manage the household and let my kid “just be kid” for now because in time she will know those chores I will be teaching to her?

Despite those concerns, giving my kid chores may be one of the  most important things I will ever do as a parent. Maybe it is never early or too late to get my kid involved with household chores. As early as 2 or 3 years old, I laid a foundation for skills to her which I believed will become useful later in her life.  She will learn that these duties are a part of daily life and everyone has a role to play in running the household. And I always remember that kids who do chores learn responsibility and gain important life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

What Are The Benefits Kids Gain From Doing Chores?

Studies show chores are good for children. These chores were the best predictor of which kids were more likely to become happy, healthy, independent adults.

I always let my 7-year old daughter sweep the floor, clear the table and  fold the clothes. These are just simple chores but it is so important to kids’ well-being in life. When a kid does the chores, they feel competent and they feel capable. And doing household chores helps them feel like they are part of the team and encourages them to be good citizens.

Check out our 7 important reasons why kids should have chores:

  1. Chores help teach life skills. Our kids won’t be kids forever, remember that! Cooking, laundry and budgeting are just some of the skills they need when they are grown up. These are basic skills, as a parent be sure that they will have these skills in their younger years.
  2. Chores help reinforce respect. Kids may become more aware of the messes they make inside the house if they are tasked with cleaning up the house, they would be more respectful of the work they are tasked to do.
  3. Chores build a strong work ethic.  This ethic should instill to kids at such a young age because this trait is valued by teachers and bosses. If a kid is paid for a job well done, it can spark an entrepreneurial spirit that leads him to work outside once they reach adulthood.
  4. Chores give families a chance to bond. Chores create a special moment with the family. Kids who always want to help in the household chores often feel important and their self-esteem will be boosted.
  5. Chores help kids to be self-reliant and responsible. Assigning a kid to do regular chores such as washing the dishes, cleaning a room or even doing laundry can help him to become self-reliant and responsible at the same time.
  6. Chores help understand teamwork. There are some circumstances at home where everyone doesn’t meet each other’s expectations. Learning at home to easily forgive mistakes can help kids develop strong teamwork skills to use at school or work.
  7. Chores help kids to improve planning and time management skills. Giving tasks to kids open them to planning and having time management. Juggling household chores and playing help them learn to set priorities. The most important skills needed for the working world.

So, what are the chores right for them?

Kids can start taking on household chores and small tasks as early as 2 years old.  Guidance is necessary since they won’t know how to do all these chores right away. Having your kid complete these tasks in their early years will help their overall development in the long run.

As early as 2- years old. You can teach them how to put toys in the bin. Cleaning up toys may allow your child with their gross motor skills. They also have the chance to identify where things belong. Also, sorting clothes by colors helps your child’s sensory development. Focus on one color at a time. You can also teach ‘follow the leader’. Giving your child directions like “throw it in the trash” helps them learn how to follow simple instructions. And lastly, since children love to copy what parents are doing, let them be present as you do the household chores.

When they are 3 to 4 years old, teach them to close whatever they open. Remind them always to put the top back once they are done like the storage containers for crayons or small jars. Allow also your children to follow you around the table to help them understand the concept of in, on, and under. They will know that fork goes on the top of the napkin and the water goes in the glass for example.

At around  4-5 years old, use a visual checklist to help them to get ready in the morning. Pictures can help them to develop self care routines like going to the bathroom, brushing teeth and washing the face. This will help to understand time.

When they are 5 to 6 years old, your kids can be more independent but still need to be supervised. This time, they know enough to water the plants and clean the backyard.

When they reach tweens (12 years and under), they start learning how to take more responsibility. They can do cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the floor, and washing their own clothes.

There is no need to reward them for every task they do, but paying them when they do extra chores can be a good way to start teaching your child’s financial responsibility.

Teenagers really need chores that will prepare them for the real world. They are already capable of cooking and preparing meals, and contribute to household finances with a part-time or weekend job. These skills are very important for your teens to live independently. Avoid stereotyping. Boys also need to learn cooking, doing laundry and preparing meals like girls do.

Giving them allowance can motivate them to do chores but don’t hand out money to them if they have not earned it. This way you are teaching them about how to manage money.

But there are many chores to give them an opportunity to learn new skills. And these chores let them practice executive functioning, motor, sensory, and communication skills. That is why these 7 important reasons why kids should have chores is very important.

The only way to be successful is to let your children help as soon as they are ready. Start as early as possible in your kids’ lives and have fun. Recognize their changing needs as they grow up and adapt how they help in line with their development. If you follow these, your children will learn to help, cooperate, and be responsible members of the household and the broader community.

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