5 Ways To Teach Your Children To Share
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5 Ways To Teach Your Children To Share

Learning to share with others can be a challenge for your young children. It is a skill they need for play and learning throughout their childhood. When children know how to share, they will see the meaning of joy, gratitude, and trust. Giving them plenty of opportunities to practice, praising & encouraging them to share are among the many ways to teach them.

As parents, we shall teach our children how to share with others for them to learn and experience the value and beauty of sharing.

As we all know, sharing is essential because it is a vital life skill. It is something that children need to learn so they can keep friends and play with them cooperatively. And it starts in our home, and we should practice this in our own home as it teaches them about compromise and fairness. They will learn that if we give a little to others, we can get some of what we want, and they will also learn the vital life skill of taking turns and negotiating and coping with disappointment.

Their learning comes from our parents in the first place. When we model good sharing and turn-taking in our family, it gives our children a great example to follow.

As I said earlier, sharing can be a challenge for young children. It needs practice and support to develop this skill. If your child doesn’t share well, you can try practicing together at home. Like eating an apple, you can tell them, “Let’s share this apple. You can have some, and I can have some.”

Let your children also share with their playmates, and it is a chance for them to practice the skill. You can stay nearby and encourage them, so they don’t forget to share. Don’t punish them for not sharing; it can embarrass them. When they feel embarrassed or ashamed, they sometimes become defensive, making it much more challenging to learn new skills.

Just remember that it is natural for them to want to keep some items to themselves as he develops a sense of what it means to own something. Rest assured that he will learn that sharing is much more fun as he matures.

Here are 5 Ways to Teach Your Children To Share.

  • Selfishness comes before sharing. You can’t share if you are selfish. Greed comes from home and parents. So, develop this trait for your child to learn about sharing.
  • Don’t force a child to share. Instead, create attitudes and an environment that encourages your child to share.
  • Model generosity when you teach your child to share. We parents are supposedly the model for our children. If we know how to share, our children will probably do the same.
  • Play games. Playing games is when they can practice sharing. It is an excellent way to model principles. Games hold a child’s attention, allowing lessons to sink in, in the spirit of fun. They likely remember what they have learned through play rather than what they have heard in your lectures.
  • Give your child opportunities to share. Organizing Outreach programs or Gift Giving are just examples of opportunities to exercise the sharing skill of your children. Or do it in your home, for instance, sharing food.

These are five (5) ways to teach your children to share, among other methods. May these ways help you somehow and start practicing at home.

Children know how to share already practicing the most vital value children should have. It also contributes to their growth & development.

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